Hao Feng is an interdisciplinary artist working in painting, sculpture, photography, video, graphic design, and performance. She was honored with three solo exhibitions at the Gallery of Amerasia Bank (NY), Harold B. Lemmerman Gallery (NJ), and the Commissioners Gallery (NJ). Her work has been exhibited at many galleries & venues in New York & New Jersey as well as the collections of the International Olympic Committee (Switzerland), the National Museum of China, and the National Library of China. “When art acts as an agent of transformation then we may view it as a gift.” -Lewis Hyde, The Gift

The goal of Hao Feng’s work is to give viewers the mental space to value their daily lives. She says, “I think my different pieces are like gifts I offer viewers. In a way, they are “threshold gifts,” which may not be about the threshold between big events like life and death, but maybe about the threshold between being present to experience and being too busy or anxious to stop and notice experience.” Hao Feng currently lives and works in the NYC metro area.

Embrace Creative Collaborations: DM’s open Instagram: @haofenghhhhhh