Golden Hans

Golden Hans Chain Restaurant is a well-known brand in China that serves salads, meats and beer that is brewed on-site.  I designed the company’s new logo based on the old logo and created a series of items for the restaurant.


Health Management Magazine

Health Management Magazine is one of the most popular health-related periodicals for Chinese readers.  It features a variety of content geared toward living healthy and enjoying life. Health Management covers many interests, including cutting-edge health advice, natural beauty trends, healthy travel, organic and low-fat food, new time-saving workouts, and much more. I designed and developed its brand identity.



The First Contemporary Art Collectors Annual Meeting was hosted by Songzhuang Art Association, Beijing Hejingyuan Art Museum and TIDE magazine. Through the annual meeting, they explored the value of Chinese contemporary art collection standards and to promoted Chinese contemporary art more healthy. I designed its brand identity.